Hi Sam.

You'll be happy to know that your effort responding your questions was not in vain. Gump runs are now building JMeter and producing meaningful results.

Gump is now building the JMeter's distribution files into jakarta-jmeter/dist. Would it be possible to copy all files found in there to http://cvs.apache.org/builds/jakarta-jmeter/nightly/<date> after each build? In this way we'll be able to decide how exactly we want to pack up our distribution without having to bug you again.

Just two more questions (hopefully last ones for a while):

1/ Would it be a good idea to run our unit tests during the nightly build? On one side, doing so would fit better into the "continuous integration" Gump concept. On the other side, looks like the build machines (or at least Nagoya) have a really tough time keeping up with the work, and our tests take a while... what's your opinion?

2/ JMeter binary distribution contains all the jars for all the projects it depends on. I think it needs to be that way: JMeter is an app for plain users, not a library for developers, and we want it to be installable and runnable with minimum hassle for the user. The way it currently works this would cause those binaries to run against library versions different from the ones used at compilation -- which doesn't look very nice. The question is: does Gump provide a way to copy some of those jars into the jakarta-jmeter/lib directory before the build? Pls. note that I said "some", because there's a few we just can't distribute (licensing issues).



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