> Perhaps test code should not be analysed at all.  In 
> HttpClient we are 
> rigorus about imports (and style in general) in production 
> code, but are 
> more lax in test code.  Not that test code is in anyway 
> unimportant, but 
> just has a different purpose than production code.

Yup, I'm the same way - I'm much more likely to copy and paste test code
than I am "real" code.  On the other hand, that usually comes back to
bite me at some point when I have to change stuff.  But, I know what you

Actually, for most of these reports:


I only run PMD on the foomodule/java/src directory, so I usually end up
missing the tests.  The jakarta-taglibs project, though, has a whole
bunch of directories right under the module, so it's not as easy to
separate the production code out...

And, of course, this is only a rough scan, PMD has a couple of bugs that
can occasionally return false positives, so your mileage may vary and
all that.  It's still pretty accurate though :-)



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