> Historically Checkstyle focuses more on coding standards and checks
> for things like Javadoc quality, brace placement, use of whitespace,
> number of parameters in methods, etc. It does find unused imports and
> other QA checks.
> PMD has more of a bent on analysing the meaning of the source code,
> to find unused imports, variables, methods + plus other tests. Hence
> it is slower than Checkstyle.
> There is a degree of overlap between them both. It depends on what
> you are wanting to achieve (and how quickly) as to which one to use.

Yup!  Right on.

If you grep either the Checkstyle or the PMD code, you'll find several
places where we've borrowed ideas from each other.  I know I;ve put some
comments in the PMD code like "Props to the Checkstyle guys for this Ant
formatter gizmo which I've copied from their code".   :-)



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