Yeah, on second thought, its a great idea to remove choice in a project and instead submit it to a JSR committee and hence Suns conrol, take a few folks and put them on NDA so that they can't talk about certain decisions which will affect the project.

I'm not against all standards...just NDA-based vendor baby kissing.


Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

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Thanks Pier. Thats a great perpective. Lets have some more.

Anyone have a remarkably positive "Gee the JCP listens to everyone and I
can disclose everything to my fellow committers and its been great for
our community"?

Andy seems to believe that *implementing* a specification (as opposed to creating one) is not a valid itch to be scratched if he doesn't like the mechanism by which the specification is created. It's perfectly reasonable for Andy to decide that for the projects he gets personally involved in, but it seems awfully arrogant to argue that no one at Apache should involve themselves in such an implementation project on that basis.

As it turns out, there is substantial room for innovation and debate in
the implementation of API specs like servlet and JSP (see the history of
Tomcat development, and the recent innovation going on there for an
example), just like there is lots of room to be creative in implementing
something like HTTP, which has been done, and continues to be done, in
a very large number of implementations in a very large number of
languages -- despite the fact that the W3C standards process, like many
others, includes periods of time when only the "privileged few" are
allowed to be involved.


Craig McClanahan

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