I wrote:
|  Andy (or Craig or anyone) can fork the single Apache brand to differentiate 
|  projects that are "community" or "standards" or "foo" -oriented.   If the
|  distinction turns out be predictive (of code quality or innovation or
|  discussion
|  quality or ...), then people will use the 

< sorry about the early send > 

.... new terminology.   The brand is the first interface to the community.  

Just as new app requirements can improve code refactoring or interface
definitions, new audiences can improve organizational refactoring.  It's
not necessary to jump directly to group policy or reorg, you can use a
"view" to prototype the benefits for your communities of interest.

Any set of interactions among people with common interests (incl. NDAs) 
creates a community.   Those within may debate values or objectives, but
a community only becomes real via the experiences of *external* people,

This is why Pringles should start a WiFi antenna company.


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