Andy wrote:
|  Yeah, on second thought, its a great idea to remove choice in a project 
|  and instead submit it to a JSR committee and hence Suns conrol, take a 
|  few folks and put them on NDA so that they can't talk about certain 
|  decisions which will affect the project.

[** disclaimer: I was a consultant to the team that developed .  I don't speak for Sun or 
any past or present client. ]

Is the NDA under NDA?  Or can someone post a copy?  

"NDA" is as descriptive as "license".   There are many species
of NDA and they are subject to evolution, like all social contracts.  

Yes, a lazy lawyer could draft, "You agree (a) not to say anything, 
and (b) not to say that you agreed to this agreement, and (c) not to 
acknowledge that this agreement exists", but educated parties don't
sign vague and non-specific agreements.

Boundaries (physics and law) are improved by documentation.

First-party testing is not an efficient means of documentation.


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