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> > As a slight aside, getting on the PMC list just means nudging an existing
> > member and pointing out that you are an active committer to Jakarta.
> Do you feel that we'll still be an open source organization in more than
> name if all decisions end up being made on private PMC lists not open to the
> public?


I can see how you might see the private list as secretive, devious, or

I just see a private list as a necessity, I couldn't imagine the % increase
in e-mail traffic if the pmc list was open to anyone, or it was carried
on the general list. There are enough tangential conversations on the
pmc list now, so say doubling the number of posters could increase the volume to 3-4X 
what it is now.

If you feel strongly enough about it, if you wanted to create a digest of what was 
said by sifting through all the emails here and post it on general daily that would be 
ok by me.



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