Stephen Colebourne wrote:
Not really (my POV)

As people we naturally think in terms of the hierarchy
  ASF to Jakarta to MySubProject.
But the middle layer is artificial. It could just as well be XML or DB or
WebApps or Java or C or 'Projects starting with S' or 'Projects where Joe
Bloggs works'. There simply is no one way of categorizing, hence there
actually is no one community either. (ie. 'the jakarta community' simply
does not exist in my eyes)

I agree that we probably can't "define" Jakarta in terms of content in a way that will make everyone happy. I disagree, however, that this means that there is no community, or that Jakarta should be dissolved. I would say that Jakarta = the community. What are called "Products" on the web site are what this community produces. Java is one common denominator, but so are some common release management and decision-making practices (currently under debate / revision).

I am much less bothered than others about the fact that not *all* server-side Java in Apache is in Jakarta or that some Jakarta projects might "belong" elsewhere. I really don't see why this is a problem.

The only real problem that we have is making sure that we have sufficient oversight. The "middle layer" makes that look like more of a challenge, but that's only if you assume that oversight has to come from a small number of Jakarta PMC members. Growing the PMC (as we are now) so that all community activity has has direct PMC oversight will solve the oversight problem.


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