Harish Krishnaswamy wrote:

How about Jakarta = "Java Development"? Then, they all seem in place, no?

Henri Yandell wrote:

Because it's wrong.

XML has lots of Java bits, and Maven, Ant, Cocoon, Avalon, James are all
Java Development and not in Jakarta.

Jakarta is the *brand*. It defines itself. Jakarta brand development. A brand can give a unique identity and grouping to an otherwise disparate and commodity range of goods and services. Think of any large brand:

McDonalds: Fast food restaurants. And accommodation. And a childrens charity.

Nike: Sneakers (trainers). And sports clothing. And fashion clothing. And a sports team. And a college (American) football league.

Virgin. Music label. And music shops. And hot air balloons. And an airline. And trains. And mobile 'phones, drinks, health clubs, Internet service provider, credit cards, finance and car rentals.

Personally, I think the Jakarta brand has much much more to say about *how* the software is developed and *how* the community operates than *what* products are offered, *what* language it is written in and *what* languages can use the products.

So perhaps the Jakarta tagline should be "...it's in the process. ...it's in the community".


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