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Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:

What could be something that is sensteive in an open source community?
This is new direction. Gray areas should be well exposed. If you are
ashamed of it, don't do open source community.
There are lots of things. Committer votes, for example, are considered
a sensitive issue. Inter-personal disputes.

I agree. Also, I think "[PROPOSAL] As it ever were" mail was very reasonable. However, just one question came to my mind.

Have The Committer Votes (I mean, [VOTE] in to elect new committer)
to be taken place at Jakarta PMC list? ... This is very sensitive
issue (maybe causes inter-personal dispute), i guess.

Could you please explain more?

Committer votes haven't taken place on the Jakarta PMC list. PMC member votes have, but that's a different thing.

Here in Jakarta (as well as other projects, I assume), the sub-projects do committer votes in public. Some people outside of Jakarta feel that this is improper, and should be done in private to ensure that open discussion can happen in a way that doesn't hurt peoples feelings.

I can see both sides of this - do it in public because it's a good "pat on the back" for a person to see fellow community members supporting him or her, but on the other hand, it would be a shame for people to be unable to say how they feel about a proposed committer and have that POV understood by others w/o possibly hurting the feelings of the person being voted on.

I hope this is something we take up when we have this PMC issue sorted out.


Thanks in advance.

-- Tetsuya. ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

Vic, if you've been paying ANY attention, you'd know that what we are
trying to do is just the opposite - get *every* committer in Jakarta
onto the PMC, *eliminating* this needless boundary.
Well said.

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