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I'm surprised that no one answered this (at least that I saw). From what I understand, ASF believes that those on PMC have liability protection from the ASF because the PMC members are acting on behalf of the organization. Further is it seems that the ASF does not believe this protection extends to those not in the PMC (this is my personal logical conclusion based on statements around why someone would like to join a PMC). This protection is usually referenced when people talk about IP, and I'm not sure if it extends to other areas.

This conflicts with my own understanding of the situation.

I am a member of the Avalon PMC but there is nothing that I am aware of that gives me any protection at all. In fact the recent emails have suggested there is a distinction between the opinion of the chair (recognized) and the opinion of the PMC (not recognized). Basically the PMC can say what it wants - but that does not count at the level of the board. What matters is what the chair states (even if the chair states things that contradict PMC members or PMC collective opinion).

I''m also interested in a clarification of the function and purpose of a PMC relative to the Board.



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