On Tue, 23 Dec 2003 12:10:03 -0500
(Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL] As it ever were)
Ted Husted wrote:

>  > steward
> The proposal is to expand the role of the moderator, rather than
> invent an overlapping role with similar responsibilities. If the
> volunteer is not up to task, then another volunteer can be sought.
> (Hence, the language about the Chair appointing another volunteer.)
> The idea is that they have *already* volunteered to moderate the list.
> If one individual doesn't want to volunteer, another can be found.

You can check who is/are current moderator(s) of XX subproject,
by using the method which can be found at
/committers/docs/mailinglist-tips.txt ("committers" module)
'How to know "Who is moderator of XX list" / "Number of subscribers"'
section (resource.txt is also good)

You may post to the address which can be found there with this two
lines body -- 
==========(two lines)==


Hope this helps.

-- Tetsuya. ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

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