My complaint is this:

Our current base of committers were led to believe they have binding votes. We are now told this is not the case. The committers we now have were all elected on the premise that they had binding votes and oversight responsibilities for their codebase. They were in fact elected as if they were to be members of the PMC.

Personally, I feel it is an abomination to think we have the right to hand-pick a subset of these committers and bestow upon them binding votes. Our communities deserve to be represented by the set of committers that they have already chosen, not an arbitrary subset deemed to be "PMC material".

I call for the Jakarta Chair, as the ASF Vice President in charge of Jakarta, to do the Right Thing and promote all Jakarta committers to the Jakarta Project Managemenet Committee.

Anything less breaks the covenant we made with each and every Jakarta committer, as published in the original Jakarta guidelines. We said committers had binding votes, and it is now our obligation to make it so. If we fail to make a good faith effort to correct our oversight, then we will have accepted all these contributions under false pretenses.

If all committers are PMC members, then all committers can then be subscribed to the PMC list. Each subproject can be given the responsibility of submitting to the PMC list a regular report as to their status. Routine business can be conducted in the subproject DEV list by the PMC members associated with that subproject. In the event there is an unreported oversight issue, any Jakarta Committer/PMC member will be able to bring it up on the PMC list at will.


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