Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:
All Jakarta Community Members :

Howard M. Lewis Ship, on behalf of the committers of the HiveMind project in the Jakarta Commons sandbox, has proposed HiveMind as a Jakarta sub-project. The proposal was sent to this list, a copy of which can be found here :[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg09244.html

Please read the proposal and vote, and add any comments you deem appropriate.

All Jakarta community members are encouraged to vote, although only the votes of the PMC members are legally binding as per the ASF*.

[X] +1  I support this proposal
[ ] -1  I don't support this proposal
[ ]  0  I abstain from voting for or against this proposal


Section (2) of the proposal refers to the "Jakarta Commons incubator." This should be changed to "Jakarta Commons Sandbox."

In agreement with Noel, I would also suggest that the community consider the Apache Subversion Repository as an alternative to CVS. I see this as a HiveMind community decison, however -- i.e., I am +1 to the proposal regardless of the repository choice.


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