>>> What about starting by making sure Apache java projects _do_ work with
>>> the 2 open source JVMs that are mentioned in the article ?
>> Which two?  I've had a thought to try testing James under gcj at some
>> RedHat has already done a whole bunch of Java-based Apache projects with
>> gcj.
> Well, if you read the article that started the thread... You won't like
> it... The other open source java virtual machine is ... Mono.

The author failed to list several Open Source JVMs.  Potentially the most
promising overall, is IBM's Jikes RVM.  I think it would be fine if the GUMP
Project wanted to use Jikes RVM as part of their testing on the GUMP server.
Depending upon how long each run takes, I could see GUMP doing runs with
each of several JVMs, if the GUMP PMC felt that such compatibility testing
was of interest.  That would be particularly helpful if, as I hope, we get a
JVM and Java class library here soon, but until the Software Grant is in
Jim's file cabinet, I'm not counting chickens.

See: http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/classpath/2003-04/msg00038.html for a
one year old summary of IKVM vs gcj vs Jikes RVM running Eclipse 2.1.  The
Jikes RVM is under the Common Public License.  There seems to be a problem
with some of IBM's web sites today, but this URL works:

Personally, I've been planning to try James under GCJ, because I would like
to see the impact of AOT native code compilation.

> At the moment Classpath project provides an almost complete
> implemnetation of the JDK1.3 ( with a lot of JDK1.4 ). And
> the same implementation is shared by all open source VMs
> that I know.

The quality has been uneven, but is apparently good enough to run Tomcat,
Ant, and several others.  IBM's Jikes RVM uses Classpath.

Classpath is GPL, with a binary distribution clause.  Having corresponded
with some of the Classpath developers, I know that their expressed intent is
for it to be non-viral when distributed with non-GPL applications.  I don't
know what official stance the FSF takes on that, though.

        --- Noel

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