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Finally, Jakarta did have forums at one time but I don't think they were heavily

IMO this is the best point. Open source projects get to try dozens of different communication patterns (IM, IRC, NNTP, personal email, Forums, Wikis, mailing lists, phone calls, CVS, bugzilla, etc...).

Mailing lists have emerged as the most effective means for open source development.

There's another reason that is critically important to me ... offline access. I often have to travel with my laptop on an airplane, and mailing lists let me take the current state of my IMAP-accessible mailbox with me and perform offline processing, ready for synchronization next time I've got Internet access.

Note that the fact that Apache uses mailing lists does *not* prohibit accessing that information via forum-oriented UIs ... anything from mailing list archives to NNTP-based access ( and friends) make that quick and easy. So, get off our case already! :-)

Personally, I won't use any forum-based communication mechanism unless I'm paid to do so. Mailing lists have proven their worth for longer than some of the complainers about them have been alive :-).

Craig McClanahan

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