On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 23:56, Marc Röttig wrote:
> Survey: "Motivation of Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) Developers"
> We (Marc Röttig and Carl-Daniel Hailfinger) are currently working
> on a survey on the motivation of open source developers as part of
> a "Computer Science and Society" project at the CS department of the
> University of Tübingen. We invite every developer in the Free / Open
> Source Software community to help us with our survey by filling out
> a little web form to give us some hints on possible motivation-motifs
> of F/OSS-developers.
> You can find the survey-form at
>                      http://foss.ta-altensteig.de/

I just filled in that form but I missed an option to tick which is my
main motivation to support open source: Since 20 years or so I take
advantage of many software products I don't have to pay for. Over the
years they were called "public domain", "free", "open source" or
whatever. Actively participating in an open source project is my way of
paying for or compensating some of the benefits I received myself.

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