On Fri, 29 Oct 2004, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

I actually love closures, and think it would be a great addition to Java. I spend a lot of time tracking down poorly written try/finally blocks in people's code where they don't properly close DB connections, IO streams, Jar files, and even delete their temp files. A good closure library would virtually eliminate this type of programming errors.

How about the Perl6 finally system where you can attach a try/catch to variables?

In Perl 6 it's:

        my $p = P.new;   POST { $p and $p.Done; }
        my $p is post { .Done } = P.new;

So in Java it could be something like:

Connection conn = ds.getConnection(); finally(conn) { conn.close(); };
Connection conn = ds.getConnection() @ { conn.close(); };
Connection conn = ds.getConnection(); conn @ finally { conn.close(); };

Biggest problem is that I can't see a way to write that nicely.

How about just being able to do multiple Exceptions in one block?

try {
} catch(JMSException, RemoteException, SQLException e) {

or possibly even:

try {
} catch( (JMSException | RemoteException | SQLException) e) {

The last one is interesting as it could be a larger concept allowing mixed-types; but from a finite set. Probably lots wrong with that idea :)

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