Just want to clear some things about all the *branding misuse* :)
Looking at the archives (and trust me, took me a weekend), I
really have not found a firm standpoint, because there where
so many Chairmans and Directors with opposite statements.

So the question is what is the actual name of the thing that
we all know as Tomcat?

Is it 'Apache Jakarta Tomcat' or 'Apache Tomcat' or
'Jakarta Tomcat'?

If it's 'Apache Tomcat' like couple of people suggested
recently, then the question is what is 'Apache Tomcat' doing
inside 'Apache Jakarta'?

Anyhow, what are your feelings that we (Tomcat developers),
propose to the ASF to be nominated as TLP?

I know that some of you will think (since it's coming from me)
'Damn, JBoss is trying to control the Tomcat', but there
is just Remy and myself, with dozen of other developers, each
of them having a veto for anything that we try to commit as
encrypted or evil :).

Regards, Mladen.

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