Henri Yandell wrote:

Were you striking a Dr Evil pose while you wrote this? :)

No, I was striking a Rhett Buttler's pose: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" :)

My (strong) advice is that the Tomcat subcommunity have a quick decision on what they would like to do about the SD magazine issue. If you don't want to send an email, decide and I believe the general Jakarta community view will be that we disagree but that your decision holds the most weight.

I think that Tomcat community has expressed his decisions. I didn't wish to particapate (for obvious reason). Remy did, but he is French ;). Other guys like Costin and Bill said enough, I think. Of course, send the mail to tomcat-dev@, since it's up to those people to decide I suppose.

Regards, Mladen

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