Jim Jagielski wrote:
> Mladen Turk wrote:
> > Anyhow, what are your feelings that we (Tomcat developers),
> > propose to the ASF to be nominated as TLP?

I'd say that it is about time.

> I know that some of you will think (since it's coming from me)
> 'Damn, JBoss is trying to control the Tomcat', but there
> is just Remy and myself, with dozen of other developers, each
> of them having a veto for anything that we try to commit as
> encrypted or evil :).

I am not aware of any complaints regarding your technical contributions.
Only over your employer's attempts at self-portraiture.  If anything, I am
more likely to feel sorry for you and Remy getting caught in the crossfire.

        --- Noel

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