I agree with this.

Jakarta's niche should be to provide a central repository of
Java-based components and libraries filling a variety of functions. 
When I got started with Java web dev about 5 years ago I evaluated
every component of Jakarata to see if it could help my startup.  Made
a big difference to have a central resource of useful but lesser-known
libraries, all under a business-friendly license.

As a developer, I also appreciate Jakarta's role in providing an
organization framework for small libraries that fit well under the
Apache umbrella but may not be worth an individual's effort to run as
a TLP.  Apache provides a lot of advantages for a project, there's no
reason to force people to go use Sourceforge for small libraries.

Historically, Jakarta has included more significant applications (like
Tomcat) but I don't see that as necessary.  I read about "big open
source apps" in books, magazines, articles and go directly to their
web site.  Tomcat, Subversion, Hibernate, and so forth.  An index of
such items is mildly useful but not critical.  The trend of moving
these to the broader Apache site is the right direction.


On 4/11/06, Stephen Colebourne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> --- Henri Yandell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I think our scope is:
> ***********************************************************************
> > Components that are,
> >
> > a) written in and/or for the Java environment
> > b) too small in the long-term to be their own
> > independent communities
> >
> ***********************************************************************
> This is what I put on the wiki a while back (framed in
> website-friendly language not scope-friendly
> language):
> Jakarta provides a diverse set of Java-based
> components which aim to make day-to-day development
> easier. The focus is on reusable, small-scale,
> single-purpose libraries that can be used directly by
> your application or by larger frameworks.
> The key points were:
> - Java-based
> - reusable
> - small-scale
> - single-purpose
> - libraries
> Stephen
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