the Apache XML-RPC team is glad to announce the availability of Apache
XML-RPC, version 3. Version 3 is an almost complete rewrite of its
predecessor. Although complying to the XML-RPC specification by default,
it introduces the concept of so-called vendor extensions. Vendor
extensions are available only, if both client and server are using
Apache XML-RPC 3. Available vendor extensions include:

- A streaming mode allows running client and server with a low
  memory profile, regardless of any document size.
- XML-RPC request and response may be compressed using gzip
- Custom data types are supported, in particular null, byte, short,
  long, float, big decimal, big integer, DOM nodes, Serializable
  objects, Calendar

Additionally, support for dynamic client generation is available. In
other words, if the servers methods are implementing an interface, then
the client may create an instance of the same interface, which is
actually invoking the servers methods.

The Apache XML-RPC web site is at:


Apache XML-RPC 3 is available from any Apache mirror:


Maven 1 and 2 compliant jar files are available from


Jochen Wiedmann

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