Looks like the Velocity community is ready to head out on its own...

+1 votes:
 Nathan Bubna
 Martin van den Bemt
 James Mitchell
 Henri Yandell
 Jorg Schaible
 Henning P. Schmiedehausen
 Will Glass-Husain
 Torsten Curdt
 Rony G. Flatscher
 Jesse Kuhnert
 Dion Gillard
 Daniel Rall
 Matthijs Lambooy
 Niall Pemberton
 Claude Brisson
 Malcolm Edgar
 Christoph Reck

+0 votes:

-1 votes:

I'm not sure who's on the PMC or not, but i'm fairly sure most of
those votes are binding. :)

thanks, everyone!

On 9/15/06, Nathan Bubna <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
The Velocity project has for some time now been making plans for a
proposal to the board that the Velocity projects leave the Jakarta
umbrella and become their own top level project.  Martin has asked us
to hold a vote on the proposal here before he passes it along to the
board.  So...

The proposal is available for your perusal at:

For the interested, most of the discussion took place on the following thread:

And the vote happens here:
[ ] +1 I support the proposal
[ ] +0 I don't care
[ ] -1  I'm opposed to the proposal because...


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