the Apache JaxMe team is glad to announce the availabiliy of JaxMe
0.5.2. This is a bug fix release, dedicated in particular to support
for large scale schema topics like schema composition.

JaxMe 0.5.2 is available from any Apache Mirror, see


Compared to 0.5.1, the following changes have been made:

- Added the "xmlCatalog" element to the JaxMe Ant task.
- The TaminoAPI4JPM wasn't supporting query parameters.
 (Theo Straeten, theo.straeten at softwareag.com)
- The classes XsDateTimeFormat, and XsTimeFormat have been parsing the
 milliseconds wrong, if the string contained less than three digits.
- The methods AbstractJavaMethod.getParamNames() and getParamTypes()
 are throwing an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
- Fixed a serious performance problem, if mixed content elements
 had large embedded text segments.
- Fixed a build problem with hsqldb, when the database was already in use.
 (Boris Gruschke, boris at gruschke.de, JAXME-81)
- External schema bindings are now supported recursively.
- The GroupHandlerSG was generating invalid class names in some cases.
- The jaxb:class customization wasn't honoured by anonymous types.
- The element jaxb:property/jaxb:baseType/jaxb:javaType wasn't honured.
- Eliminated a runtime dependency, which caused the test suite to fail
 on JRE 1.6.
- A jaxb:baseType definition was ignored, if it modified a global type,
 which has already been in use.
- Invalid code was generated for an xs:list with item type xs:QName.
- The object factory wasn't properly initialized, if a schema was using
 multiple package names.
- If an extending types content was reduced to the extending types
 content particle (in other words, if the extended type had empty
 content), then the content particles minOccurs and maxOccurs
 values haven't been inherited. (JAXME-84)
- If an recursive type was an extension of another recursive type,
 then the initialization could fail.


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