This is just an FYI to projects whose releases I've signed in the
past.  Nothing urgent, and no action required on your part.  Phil, I'm
also CCing you as I believe I signed your key with my old bad one -
sorry about that.

PGP went nuts on me last week, and after a couple of days of trying to
salvage stuff, I can no longer access my old PGP key.  I can't even
generate a revocation certificate unfortunately.  I've therefore gone
ahead and created a new key.  I've just uploaded it to the key
servers, and it should be widely available shortly.  I'm going to go
ahead and update the relevant KEYS files in SVN to reflect my new key.
As I said, this is just an FYI.  I'm not planning on signing any
releases in the near future, but I wanted to make this publicly known
as a courtesy.

New, good key:

Old, bad key:

Thank you,

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