On 12/4/06, Andrew C. Oliver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> Why not just move all of the content of all of these pages to the
>> wiki and
>> change the links.
>> Or better still have a section of "wiki links" in the right hand nav for
>> them.
> Linking to pages in the wiki is bad, I think. When a page in a wiki
> has reached a point of wanting to be individually linked to, then I
> think that's a sign that it wants to be on the site.

I actually favor the idea of the whole site being a wiki.  I see little
value from hand coding the <p> tags and wanking around with the tools to
build it.    Then the process for structuring the site is democratized
and the process for generating the consensus and structuring the site
will be closer to the metal.

A wiki as in our moinmoin setup - ie) classic anarchy/randomness; or a
wiki as in the cwiki confluence approach of site generation?

The former always seems to be painful when I've seen sites trying it
(from a user point of view at least); I think because it's still very
obviously a wiki and unpolished. The latter just seems to continue the
tool masturbation.

Maybe it's a case of not noticing when a site is using a wiki well. I
only notice the crap ones.

However, I've never been much of one for ceremony.

If we're on the I'd likes....

I'd like the Jakarta site to be an xml file(s) with a bunch of xslt's.
Then I'd like each subproject/component to be product documentation
sites and not waste time with infrastructure (the jakarta site can
take care of all that) and I'd like a separate developer focused site
for each subproject/component that is refreshed automatically each


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