Hi James,

Apache Tomcat has been an Apache top level project for years. It is no longer 
part of Apache Jakarta.



The Tomcat user list is very active with many people who will help you answer 
this question. Let them know which version of Tomcat, Java, OS, etc.


On Dec 10, 2010, at 11:32 AM, Miner, James wrote:

> I have been working on this issue for a few days now. Last week, my client 
> needed to refresh their development server and one of the web services 
> applications that they were running did not come over in working order. To 
> reinstall I needed to remove the Tomcat instance, and any references in the 
> registries, uninstall everything and then reinstall.
> This has caused a few new problems, mainly that, because the application is 
> configured to use IIS as its web server and Tomcat as its Java server, it 
> needs a Jakarta instance to facilitate the Java handling back and forth. I've 
> looked into this solution and cannot seem to find Jakarta (at least not a 
> current version) on the Apache site. I did, however, find that Tomcat 
> Connectors may have the functionality that I am looking for but, when I 
> looked at the configuration guide included with the binary distribution it 
> seemed to be a process more complicated than I, a business process 
> analyst/Remedy developer, am comfortable performing on a client's box.
> As I said, this is a bit out of my area of expertise and I am looking for 
> suggestions of any nature here. If there is a product that I missed, a 
> step-by-step guide somewhere out there or anything that you believe would be 
> helpful to me at this point, I will be more than happy to hear about it. As 
> it is, I am at a stand-still with my actual work until I can get this issue 
> resolved, so any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> James Miner
> Consultant/Service Support-Column Technologies
> 130 William Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10038
> P: (917) 969-8331
> E: jmi...@columnit.com

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