I have been working with jakrta tomcat for the last four years. Here what I
usually do is,

We have Jakarta-tomcat-5.0.25.tar.gz. I just copy this file into /usr/local
of CentOS 5.x server. Then do "tar -zxvf Jakarta-tomcat-5.0.25.tar.gz". It
will create a folder in the name of Jakarta-tomcat-5.0.25.This folder has
webapps folder. I place a war format file into this webapps folder and
restart tomcat.At this stage, For example, if I place a Test.war file, it
will create a folder in the name of Test under webapps folder.

Then I need to establish connectivity with DB by mentioning DB server
IP,port and schema user with password. This DB(database.properties) file is
under Test/web/conf and WEBINF/classes/. So I need make entries in these two
paths of database.properites file.

All these tasks take 15 minutes. Apart from this, what are the activities I
need to perform? I want to become Tomcat administrator.

Thanks for your time.

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