Hi Amy,

It's not an easy question but I'll try to answer as well as I can.

Why has it been in beta for years ? I think that it's just because releasing software is not an easy task, It requires people to spend a lot of time to finish stuff and polish rough edges. It also means deciding to not include everything, stop to integrate new feature, etc.

It looks like the community never managed to handle this task.

Now, is it stable ? : I would say maybe too much. There's probably still some problems in the codebase but I mean a lot of people are actually running the beta and don't really need an official 3.0 release to use it.

Finally, we are today several people working fulltime on James (it probably never happened before), funded by Linagora and we try to push the project forward by cutting a 3.0 release soon.

We already proposed a release plan on the mailing list.

We would really like to release for ApacheCon Seville in November but never forget that Apache James is a community project and we won't be able to do that if people in the community disagree with our wishes, so don't take that as granted.

I hope my answer helps.


Matthieu Baechler

Le 15/09/2016 à 00:55, Amy Chang a écrit :
Can anyone provide inputs on the question stated earlier?
Thanks much,Amy
     On Wednesday, September 7, 2016 11:17 AM, Amy Chang <acsmi...@yahoo.com> 
Does anyone happen to know when James 3.0 will move out of beta? It appears it 
has been beta for over 4 years. Is there any reason why it hasn't moved out of 
beta for so long?
We are considering using this for one of our production servers but not sure 
how stable it is.


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