first off: please don't just pick an arbitrary email message to reply to
and change the subject: it makes the list archives very confusing.

second: if you have additional questions baout using lucene, you should
try asking hte user list for the specific port you are using -- i'm
guessing you are using hte java APIs, so that would be hte
[EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list --- those lists tend to have more people
reading them then general (which is for talking about the Lucene family of
projects, or for asking where you should ask a particular type of

on to your question...

: When I query the index using a BooleanQuery containing {why,is,the,sky,blue}
: with all queries having the MUST BooleanClause, I do not retrieve any
: results.
: However, when I use only { why,sky,blue} I get results which are
: Why is the sky blue? And several of them.

more then likely, when you indexed your documents you used an indexer
which treats "is" and "the" as stop words nd striped them out.

if you used the QueryParser to generate a query for your list of words ,it
would do the same thing (provided you told it the correct analyzer) -- but
if you manually constrcute your TermQUery and BooleanQuery objects
directly you have to do this manually as well (just as you will need to
lower case your terms if you used an analyzer that lowercases when


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