i have installed mnogosearch 3.2 on an unbutu server with wamp and
mysql database.

In ly indexer.conf i'm using DBMode=blob

In my crontab i have this :
00 23 1 * * /usr/local/mnogosearch/sbin/indexer -d    
30 23 1 * * /usr/local/mnogosearch/sbin/indexer -Eblob

My question :

to improve performance is it necessary to separate the
crawling/indexing  of mnogosearch engine from which users make webs
research ? 
in other words, is it necessary to create two servers
* 1 ubuntu server wamp / mnogosearch with the mysql database and
crontab commands
* 1 ubuntu server wamp / mnogosearch / wordpress (my website is on
wordpress) with the same mysql database would be replicated (frequency
like crontab) and without crontab commands (i'm using php frontend to
access mnogosearch engine)

thanks for your help

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