Author: Oliver

first, thank you for the great search engine you have created!

For indexing a custom site, I want to create a custom section which should 
contain the filename extracted from the Content-Disposition HTTP header. This 
header is sent for "downloadable" files and 
its value might look like this:

inline; filename="comments.doc"

For this, I've added new sections in the indexer.conf file:

Section header.content-disposition        30     128
Section content_filename  31   128 cdoff  "" "${header.content-disposition}" 
"^\w+; filename=(.+)$" "$1"

This indeed adds a "header.content-disposition" variable which I can use in the 
search.htm file, and which contains the entire Content-Disposition header value.
However, the content_filename section is not created correctly; it is always 

Through experimenting I found that ${header.content-disposition} is apparently 
not recognized as a variable in the "Section" command. Is there a way to access 
the Content-Disposition value 
anyway when defining a new section? Also, is there an overview of variables 
available in these "Section" commands?

As workaround I now use the EREG command in search.htm to extract the filename 
when the results are displayed. However, this is probably less efficient (it's 
done whenever the results are 
displayed, instead of only once during indexing). Also, it adds the entire 
Content-Disposition header to the index, so searching for "inline" or for 
"filename" finds all documents which have a Content-
Disposition header - not very desirable.

Can you give me some hints on the variables available in Section commands in 


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