Author: Alexander Barkov
Hi Laurent,

Sorry for delay. I was on New year holidays.

> Hi Alex,
> I moved to FreeBSD 10.1 x64, and this moved me to a mnoGo port 
> v3.4.0.
> First I am surprised, you only only talk about 3.3.15. What's this 
> 3.4.0 ?

It's a new branch. It has not been released yet.
I hope to release it by the end of this month.
For some reasons, it has been already added into the FreeBSD port collection. 
I'd recommend to wait for the official 3.4 release
before starting using it.

If you're already using 3.4.0, please install 3.3.15 instead.

> Also, it was perfectly working in 3.3.1 version, but no longer.
> 1- When I was indexing >600 Kurls with 3.3.10, the same URLs list 
> is not 25% of that size !
> 2- My search page (PHP) was perfectly working. That is no longer 
> the case, it founds nothing. Unfortunately, I fail to produce some 
> logs (syslog is silent, even logging everything *.*) and so I cant 
> investigate by myself.
> Can you please help ?
> Thx
> Brgrds

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