Author: Alexander Barkov
> Maybe I missed something in explanations ...
> In the search results, how can I limit the results from each same site to 
> (for example) max 3 from each.
> The problem I have is that I have a mix of huge site+very small sites 
> indexed, and it is a bit annoying to have the 20 first results from the same 
> one (this example is not my case, but imagine if you have Wikip├ędia in your 
> indexed sites).
> But at the oposite, only one from each is also not nice
> so 3-4 from each for example
> Possible ?

There is no a way to limit to 3-4 results from each site.

But it's possible to boost the best result from each site,
so different sites are displayed on the top result pages.

Use "GroupBySite rank" explained here:

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