Author: Alexander Barkov
> We've used mnogosearch in the past and were happy with it.  But when 
> we installed it on that old site, it took several days to index the 
> site and reduced site performance while that was going on.  
> That was several versions ago and on a less powerful server.  Now we 
> are considering using it on a new site but are concerned about how 
> long it will take to index the site and performance while that 
> happens.  
> Hoping newer versions are faster or that a more powerful server will 
> help that issue. 
> But I'm wondering if you can give me any idea of how long it might 
> take to index around 30,000 pages on our site

I have a collection of ~52,000 documents on my local disk,
with the total collection size being 704Mb.

With DBMode=blob it takes 8 minutes to crawl the collection,
and 50 seconds to actually index the collection after crawling.

Which version and DBMode are you using?

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