Author: Alexander Barkov

> Hello,
> I'm trying to retrieve the content of a <div> element in a Section, but can't 
> get it 
> to work.
> What I want to get :
> <div id="myid">(the stuff i want)</div>
> The problem is, the stuff i want may contain nearly anything (but especially 
> other 
> html tags, like links). I tried this :
> Section text 1 2048 '<div id="myid">(.*)</div>' "$1"
> But it doesn't work as it doesn't stop on the first </div> element. 
> Any idea of a workaround to get it working ?

Right. REGEX uses hangry match. That means it finds the longest substring that 
matches: the left <dev..> and the right </div>.

Try to add some more context to the regular expression.

> Thanks.

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