Author: Alexander Barkov
> The version of Make is 3.82-21. And i try to build mnogosearch 3.4.1.
> The configure command used is : ./configure  --disable-mp3 --disable-
> news --without-debug --with-pgsql=no --with-freetds=no --with-
> oracle8=no --with-oracle8i=no --with-iodbc=no --with-unixODBC=no --
> with-db2=no --with-solid=no --with-openlink=no --with-easysoft=no --
> with-sapdb=no --with-ibase=no --with-ctlib=no --with-zlib --with-
> mysql --disable-syslog

It seems that UDM_REQUEST_INFO is defined in a wrong place.

Will fix in the next release.

Please don't use the --disable-news parameter in the meanwhile.

Thanks for reporting!

> Thanks for your help.
> Tom

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