I've been running Mnogo 3.3.13 under debian wheezy for a number of years, but it seems that old cached content is never removed. I normally run with HoldBadHrefs=7d, but I've even tried setting it to 1s, and the old content is still never removed. As an example, on a recent search I noticed pages that were last cached in Aug 2011 (which was probably when the site went offline), but it still comes up in searches.

Help? I would even be happy with running a mysql query to remove all cached content that is more than 7 days old, but I didn't want to go blindly deleting things without knowing how the info in the tables might be cross-referenced. If there's a way to fix indexer.conf I would also be happy. Note that the old pages which should be removed are no longer referenced in server.list, and when I run indexer I get a long list of URLs that can't be reached. So what can I do to get these old entries removed from the database?
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