I can't recall replying to you on this.  Rats.  Please forgive my
short attention span.

There is already support, I believe, for something similar.

You can look in file `` and look for functions
`generateSubclass` and `generateCtor`.  Then search for "254".  You
will see that it's trying to generate the constructor when there are
more than 254 arguments.

Is that the issue you are trying to address?  If not, perhaps you
can point me in the right direction.

And, thanks for your help with this.

By the way, contacting me directly is fine.  There is also an email
list, which I have CCed in this message.  Here is a link:


On Sat, Feb 17, 2018 at 07:27:25AM -0800, Stephen McDowell wrote:
>    Hi Dave,
>    I apologize for reaching out directly, I couldnâ**t find any sort of issue
>    tracker associated with the bitbucket repo.
>    I was playing around with your swanky generateDS project, and ran into an
>    issue where the generated code using default arguments is unusable because
>    this particular class has 270 possible items.  My understanding is that
>    255 arguments is the maximum for python <3.7.
>    The actual project being represented is the Doxygen XML, which gets pretty
>    hairy.  I doubt many projects will ever need a setting like this.  I was
>    looking around the code base trying to figure out a way to change these to
>    be a **kwargs approach instead, but am getting really turned around.
>    The idea would be to add an option to generateDS, say --use-kwargs.  Iâ**m
>    game to give this a stab, but I was wondering if you had suggestions on
>    where to start.  This is pretty low on my priority list at this time, but
>    I plan on slowly working it out over the next couple of months :)
>    Thanks for any suggestions!
>    Sincerely,
>    Stephen McDowell


Dave Kuhlman

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