On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 11:47 AM, Olof Kindgren <olof.kindg...@gmail.com>

> Hi Dave,
> I've been experimenting with generateDS. It works fine for the most parts,
> but I have come across a couple of peculiarities. For easier tracking I'm
> writing down the issues in separate mail threads, but I have a single repo
> and test setup that demonstrates all of the issues
> The test code is found here https://github.com/olofk/
> ipxact_gen/tree/gendsbugs
> There's a script gen.sh that runs generateDS to build out/ipxact.py
> Then there's a test.sh that loads a sample XML file and writes it back to
> another file. Diffing these xml files show some interesting differences.
> To the problem...
> It seems generateDS applies a namespace attribute to all non-leaf nodes.
> While I'm not sure this really counts as a bug, I believe it should only
> need to register the namespace in the toplevel.
> Here's a snippet of the generated XML file
> <ipxact:component xmlns:ipxact="http://www.accellera.org/XMLSchema/
> IPXACT/1685-2014">
>     <ipxact:vendor>helpimahack</ipxact:vendor>
>     <ipxact:library>ip</ipxact:library>
>     <ipxact:name>uart16550</ipxact:name>
>     <ipxact:version>1.4</ipxact:version>
>     <ipxact:busInterfaces xmlns:ipxact="http://www.
> accellera.org/XMLSchema/IPXACT/1685-2014">
>         <ipxact:busInterface xmlns:ipxact="http://www.
> accellera.org/XMLSchema/IPXACT/1685-2014">
>             <ipxact:name>wbs</ipxact:name>
>             <ipxact:busType xmlns:ipxact="http://www.
> accellera.org/XMLSchema/IPXACT/1685-2014" vendor="librecores.org"
> library="wishbone" name="wishbone8" version="b3"/>
>             <ipxact:abstractionTypes xmlns:ipxact="http://www.
> accellera.org/XMLSchema/IPXACT/1685-2014">
> As far as I understand, xmlns:ipxact="http://www.accellera.org/XMLSchema/
> IPXACT/1685-2014" should only be needed for the ipxact:component tag
> //Olof

Never mind. Just found that --no-namespace-defs did the trick during
generation together with specifying the toplevel namespace in the export
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