Thanks for the heads-up about PyXB.  I have not tried using it and
do not know much about it.  My understanding is that PyXB and
generateDS both try to solve the same problem: data bindings from an
XML schema, although the approach and the generated code is very

I checked at the Python Package Index (pypi.python.org), and found a
reasonably recent update (9/3/2017).  So, apparently, PyXB is
actively maintained.  I believe that SourceForge has had some
problems recently, and that may explain the dead link that you
tried.  Here is a link to PyXB at the Python Package Index:

If you try PyXB and have any comments or comparisons with generateDS,
I'd certainly be interested.

And, thanks, by the way, for that link to the comparison article (at
codingrelic).  But, I noticed that this article is from 2011, so
lots has likely changed with both packages since then.


On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 05:35:37PM +0200, Juha Tuomala wrote:
> Hi, I'm sorry that I haven't yet answered to your email, I have had no time 
> to 
> try it. But I came across this
> https://codingrelic.geekhold.com/2011/07/python-and-xml-schemas.html
> check that PyXB link, it used to work recently, now it's dead. :-o
> Project dead already?
> Juha
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