Ok, I think I am pretty much doing things almost like you guys now.

I figure out the line that make my computer reboot :

extern "C" INIT REGPARM (1)
void init (mword mbi)

    // Setup 0-page and 1-page
    memset (reinterpret_cast<void *>(&PAGE_0),  0,  PAGE_SIZE);
    memset (reinterpret_cast<void *>(&PAGE_1), ~0u, PAGE_SIZE);

//    Console::print ("paul1");
    for (void (**func)() = &CTORS_G; func != &CTORS_E; (*func++)()) ;

with the while(1) before the for line, the computer 'hang'.
with the while(1) after, it reboots.

Now I guess I need help to figure out which function (where are they anyway?).

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