On 18.10.2016 11:16, Parfait Tokponnon wrote:
> My real problem is this :
> When an EC (Execution Context) traps into the kernel, how the kernel can
> know which component it belongs to or which component originates this trap,
> and when the kernel, returning to userspace, elects an EC, which component
> this EC belongs to. I would like to get from the kernel at runtime the
> component an Ec belongs to. Is it Possible?

You will need to add your own support code in the kernel and Genode/NOVA
to correlate things.

If you haven't yet a fully high dynamic setup, I would advise to enable
in the kernel the debug output in the beginning of


and accordingly in Genode add debug output of the names of the process
and thread before all occurrences of


in repos/base-nova.

With the information you are able to correlate EC and PD pointers in the
kernel with Genode names for the process and threads.

Hope it helps,

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