Installed GRUB2 on another flash stick (with FAT32) and trying to boot the same setup as above:

set timeout=0
set gfxpayload="0x0x32"

menuentry 'Genode on NOVA' {
 insmod multiboot2
 insmod gzio
 insmod part_msdos
 insmod fat
 multiboot2 /boot/bender
 module2 /boot/hypervisor hypervisor iommu serial novpid novga
 module2 /genode/sculpt/image.elf.gz image.elf

I see NOVA hanging. If I remove "novga" from NOVA command line, it prints info about CPU's (Core2Duo, two cores) and hangs. Trying to remove "serial" results in a reboot. Maybe, the problem is with serial port (machine is Asus laptop, and has no COM ports). Or, the problem is with IOMMU support? Core2Duo has no IOMMU support, AFAIK. But removing "iommu" does not help. Any ideas?


P.S. How do I cause GRUB2 to show loading progress and avoid clearing screen? GRUB1 showed progress, but version 2 has "silent" mode by default, it seems

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