Hi, I tried to boot Genode scenarios from my bootable flash stick. It uses GRUB 1 "Legacy".  Tried to boot Genode/Nova with bender with GRUB "legacy" (actually, GRUB4DOS). I have the following entries in menu.lst:

title  Sculpt scenario (Genode/Nova)

kernel /genode/bender

module /genode/hypervisor hypervisor iommu serial novpid novga

module /genode/sculpt/image.elf image.elf

This scenario just hangs when booting. Does this work with GRUB2 only?

In GRUB2, I see loading the "multiboot2.mod" module. Is this a new version of Multiboot protocol? Could Bender work with older version of multiboot protocol? Or, is it possible to use Genode/Nova without Bender somehow with GRUB1?

Also, is it possible for Genode build system to avoid assembling all modules into image.elf, so I could load them separately as multiple modules? (at least, older Genode versions did so)

10nx in advance!



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