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El 11/04/18 a las 14:17, Johannes Kliemann escribió:
> Is there a way to build this binary with more debug information. And
> more generally how are the kernel part and core separated in hw (which
> isn't as easy as with other kernels that use a port)?

In base-hw, the kernel is incorporated into Core. There is no dedicated
binary or lib. The output of

! grep "kernel/" base-hw/lib/mk

shows that the kernel code is used only by Core (the Syscall and
Bootstrap lib that also show up use only the syscall bindings). AFAIK,
the purpose of the Bootstrap binary is merely to bring up the MMU and
set everything in place to let the real kernel start. Afterwards it is
abandoned. That said, I don't think that it fits well into your

If you still want an unstripped Bootstrap binary you may replace in file

!    $(VERBOSE)$(STRIP) --strip-debug -o $@ $<


!    $(VERBOSE)cp $< $@

Do make clean and then make run/<RUN_SCRIPT>. Finally, these are the
Core and Bootstrap binaries with debug symbols:



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