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On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 02:14:04AM -0600, Nobody III wrote:
What exactly are you referring to, and how do I do it?

Unfortunately, you need to dig through the code, but if you dare it
may be really rewarding. I'm neither the author of the Genode
acpica-library port nor an expert in ACPICA at a whole, but find and
grep yielded me some hints where to look at.

So, navigate to repos/libports/src/lib/acpica and try to find some
appropriate backend functions to instrument. This may not suffice, so
you should also navigate to contrib/acpica-<hash>/src/lib/acpica and
instrument source/components/executer/exregion.c
(AcpiExSystemMemorySpaceHandler). To be honest, from this point it's
up to you to invest more effort to get your platform running.

Good luck

Nobody, I am also interesting in looking at this code, with the goal of getting networking to work in a VirtualBox client. (My main machine is AMD-based, so I am interested in that also, but I like to do most of my experimenting in a VM.)

Unfortunately, I don't have much free time at the moment, but I can try to assist your efforts as much as I can. I haven't worked on driver-level code in years, but I don't mind shaking off the rust for a good cause. ;^)

If you post your discoveries / observations on this ML (or elsewhere, as appropriate), I will do the same.

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