After long discussion with the sparc team and other developers, the
Security Team has decided to drop SPARC as a security supported
architecture. This decision follows the council decision on 2016-12-11,
"The council defers to the security team, but is supportive of dropping
security support for sparc if it is unable to generally meet the
security team timelines."

The list of security supported architectures is maintained in the
[Security Vulnerability Treatment Policy]

The consequences of the removal of security supported architecture
include (i) GLSA will be released before a version of a package is
necessarily stable for the architecture (ii) architecture-specific
issues will not be investigated.

In addition to this announcement, glsa-check will be updated to present
necessary information for sparc users. As most security issues are
cross-architecture, glsa-check will continue to be operational for sparc
based on generic GLSAs for other architectures.

[Security Vulnerability Treatment Policy]

Yury German (BlueKnight)
Gentoo Security Team Lead
Email: bluekni...@gentoo.org

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