On 21/02/08 05:40, Chris Gianelloni wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 21:38 +0100, lurker wrote:
>> genkernel fails to add busybox with cpio (this is with genkernel-3.4.9
>> and catalyst-2.0.6_pre6):
> Please try catalyst-2.0.6_pre8, which is pretty new and should work just
> fine for whatever you need.  Also, check out genkernel-3.4.10_pre3,
> which I literally just added to the tree.
>> Also, my system runs stable amd64 Gentoo, but I run catalyst in a i686
>> chroot to protect my main system. Could that have anything to do with this?
> Ehh, this very well could be causing you all kinds of problems.

Alright, but what (and why) exactly? I used this setup flawlessly for
months before this error came out of nowhere. I'm not sure what I did
for it to start appearing in the first place.

> Since catalyst does all of its building in "storedir"
> or /var/tmp/catalyst, by default.  In fact, it won't do anything outside
> of /var/tmp/catalyst, and then each target is built in a chroot, also.
> So, building a typical package with default settings, you end up
> extracting to /var/tmp/catalyst/tmp, then chrooting into there, before
> anything else is done.
> Again, it is safe to run on your main install.  The only files it cares
> about from your running system are all in /etc/catalyst
> or /var/tmp/catalyst and nowhere else, unless you configure it to do so.

When I set up that chroot I didn't know that catalyst was able to
generate x86 stages from amd64 systems, so that was my reason for
creating it. I will install catalyst and genkernel on my main system
instead and work from there, and if that fails upgrading to the latest

But even if that fixes it, I would very much like to know what was going
on. From my debugging I have pretty much confirmed that it's that
find/cpio call that fails, but I cannot grasp why at all. Few bugs have
left me this perplexed.

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